Drop the traditional date!

Why drop the traditional date? It is way to regular… Way to expected… Well… We´re properly going out for dinner or going to the movies. Nope, be alternative. The alternative opportunities is way more interesting. If you´re sitting in a theatre, is it only possible to talk while you´re getting the popcorn and while leaving the theatre. If you go to the restaurant could it be embarrassing if you can´t find anything to talk about all night.

Why not try something alternative, something were you´re activated, something where the conversation develops all the time, or something completely different. The date has to invent conversation. It could be a day on climbing wall, or an active trip where you can see something interesting.

What do you have to talk about after the alternative part? Everything, but do not tell your date about how boring your work are og how boring you are in privivate. You have to talk about the fun you have and he experiences you´ve got. What makes you happy, and what you love to do. Drop the boring subjects unless you´re asked, and then talk about the things you´re date likes to talk about. And then you have to save something, for the second date, third date, the fourth date ans so on. Have a nice time 🙂

© Slyadnyev Oleksandr - Fotolia.com
© Slyadnyev Oleksandr – Fotolia.com