1. A man loves the chase. So let him knows you’re interested and let the chase begin.
2. You have to know if he thinks women as wonderful persons or as sexual objects.
3. Skip the alcohol. The consequences are not yours to control.
4. He must NEVER remind you of your father.
5. Put only realistic demands on your list, so you won´t be disappointed. No, you will not get married tomorrow!
6. Find yourself not in criticism of the first dates. So he is not worthy. You are who you are – hold on to it!
7. Do not judge on looks – you have to teach a man to know and appreciate his inner self.
8. You must be honest. Otherwise it gets to complicated.
9. It is perfectly okay to save the sexual part of a relationship until you feel ready.
10. Remember that you must have something to talk about at date 4, 5 and 6, so save some of the more serious topics.
11. It is the simple things that count.
12. Stick to one man at a time and give yourself to the man you are with, at the moment.
13. Make it clear what you want and what you simply cannot live with.
14. If you compare with your ex, every other minute, you’re not ready for a new relationship.
15. Women should take initiative – men love it.
16. Does he was his own clothes? – Or does your future mother in law?
17. Attraction is alpha omega.
18. Drop the psychological game – just be yourself.
19. Be realistic – but remember your personal requirements and standards.
20. If you need to get rid of him in a nice way, talk about boring stuff and pretend it is your whole life.

© Slyadnyev Oleksandr - Fotolia.com
© Slyadnyev Oleksandr – Fotolia.com