When you have written to a new person is it always hard to keep the conversation going. One will always be more interested, than the other. It is hard to keep the interest, but genrally there is 3 types of potential dates:

  1. The one who answers back with exiting questions – it´s easy to keep the conversation going
  2. The one who after a while answers exiting – you have to show that you are interesting
  3. And finally the one who never answers exiting – it´s an endless struggle

Even with these types of different dates, is it always worth a try. If the person answers is there already a connection, because you can keep letters unanswered, when you´re online.


In the world of dating are statements a great idea. Then you have to comment the statements and change the other person’s opinion about you. So instead of, which movies du you like? Could the statement, I think that you like to see thrillers. Then you will avoid the common interview-situation, which is boring and awkward.


In every single letter, YOU MUST have a question, because it has to be answered and it leads the conversation, in a direction that can be controlled.


Serious questions:

– What makes you special?
– What would you bring to a deserted Island?
– How would you live?
– What is the greatest you ever achieved?
– How would you describe yourself?
– How has made the biggest chance for humanity?
– What has had the biggest influence on you?
– What´s your best holiday?
– What do you do in your spare time?
– What has been the biggest decision of your life?

Typical questions:

– Favourite? Dish, subject, drink etc.
– How often do you go out?
– When was your latest relationship?
– Interests?
– Do you smoke?
– Drink?

Abilities and habits:

– Do you cook?
– Dance?
– 3 favourite things to do
– 3 hate things to do

Mysterious: (Not always a great idea to use these)

– Who are you?
– What are you?


If you want to make your own questions, you just have to ask about the things you wants to know. If she tells some interesting, then ask her about it, and if you need to know something, then just ask. We hope, that you would like to use some of our questions. It´s not a complete guide, but guidelines, in how to keep the conversation going.

Good luck