To get access you have to create a free profile. It´s very easy and there is a lot of simple search results, so it´s easy to eliminate people from the begging. The site has an very international concept, and from where I’m sitting in Denmark, is it very practice that the site even makes the prices at better profiles in DKK, when I have said that I´m from Denmark. It makes it easier to use, and it´s way more comfortable.

You have opportunities if you wish to upgrade. It costs 200 or 250 DKK for a month, and 800 or 1000 DKK for a year. The most important thing that’s missing when you´re an nonpaying member, is the fact that you can´t read messages from other nonpaying people, but you do have the access to paying peoples messages. But you have also the opportune to uploade pictures and create a natural profile.